Had fun today at the…

Had fun today at the Chicago Food Swap -- thanks to Emily Paster and Vanessa Druckman for inviting me and hosting it! I made curry powder, and was pleased that it all went. :-) I also made a big batch of beef curry for tasting -- wish I'd had time to make a vegetarian seitan option too. Ah well.

I'll try to go again when they do it next -- not sure if I should bring more curry powder or something different. Probably different, just for the variety. But definitely more portions -- at least 15 things to trade (I only brought ten, and I was feeling a bit deprived). And focus on savory, I think -- there was a ton of great food there, but I would have loved to see more savory options. I came home with all kinds of homemade yummies -- ancho chili ketchup, blood orange curd and lemon curd, jalapeno pepper jelly (good, 'cause we used up all of ours), truffles, English toffee, chocolate banana spread, BBQ dressing, monkey bread, and one more then I'm blanking on. YUM.

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