It’s spring, and fancy…

It's spring, and fancy turns lightly to thoughts of collage and book arts. I wish I had the time and money free to take a book arts class right now. Not possible, but maybe this summer? Some of the elements I love: watercolors + ink + text; stitched paper and fabric; scraps of knitting and crochet; buttons; maps and sheet music, layered acrylic paints; books and boxes, glitter.

I have stolen a Moleskin sketchbook from Kevin and started sketching, but I am reminded once again that I have no drawing skills. I am told practice might actually help. I can envision what I want to make, but my skill is so hopelessly far from my vision -- it's paralyzing. I tried to make a series of collaged paintings for WisCon last year, but no one bought them. I don't think they were bad, but I do think the economy was awful. And also, they were rushed.

I want to go back to those pieces and do more with them, layer in more subtleties of paint, add stitched metallic thread and glittering embellishments. I am more than a little obsessed with those people who cut apart books to make art, and while on the one hand I find that somewhat horrifying, there's a power in the horror that can't be ignored. I am tempted to cut up a hundred of my remaindered books that live in boxes in my basement. Maybe I will build a tower of them, and escape to a better world.

Books I'm reading, The Cloth Paper Scissors Book, Barbara Delaney; Masters: Book Arts: Major Works By Leading Artists, Lark Books; Sew Wild: Creating with Stitch and Mixed Media, Alisa Burke

Some gorgeousness:

"Doorway Crown," Margaret Couch Cogswell:

"The Dream of the Dirty Woman: Bread and Puppet," Clare Van Vilet:

Jellyfish in cloche, I believe by David Stark:

"Out of Narnia," Su Blackwell:

"Wonderland: The Queen's Armada," Kristy Mitchell:

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