Is there a good garden…

Is there a good garden website or app with excellent functionality? If not, can someone make one please, and make a huge profit? This is what I want to be able to do, and would gladly pay something for access to it, as I suspect, would many other people, although better to make it free and sell discreet advertising:

  • enter the dimensions of my lot, and my garden plots within the lot, to generate a little map of my garden (in color!).
  • make little circles and lines that indicate where I've planted what. I.e., in this triangle, there is grass, but also three clumps of snowdrops; along this walk, there's a row of muscari.
  • HUGE bonus points if I can get a seasonal-changing display, even in 2D. 3D would make me feel like I'd l died and gone to gardener's heaven.
  • keep a list of what is missing from the garden this year, and what I plan to plant in the fall (or other seasons)
  • send me monthly (or more frequent) reminders of what to do in my garden (appropriate to my zone), INCLUDING my personalized additions
Optional, but more Pinterest / Facebook-like, and could be fun

  • send me suggestions of what my friends-in-zone have planted recently
  • track historical changes to the garden (i.e., March 2012, planted helleborus near the front door), and then allow comments on those changes
Okay, I'm sure there's more that could be done, but that's what I want right now. Does it exist? At a price point that is appropriate for amateurs, and not professional gardeners?

2 thoughts on “Is there a good garden…”

  1. I have used myfolia in the past. It has been very useful and can be customized to the growing zones. Am not sure of its latest features.

    Good luck!

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