Finished drafting an…

Finished drafting an essay about the CBS for the WisCon souvenir book. 2000 words, glad I wrote it, but kind of exhausting. And I still, in theory, have a story to seriously revise for Wild Cards. I don't think there's any chance that's happening tonight. Brain fried.

The other thing I accomplished today was that Pam took me to the used fitness equipment place on Desplaines (around 2000 South) and helped me pick out a bench, barbell, and weights. Got it all home, and then Kev got it into the basement, but we still need to assemble it (after moving boxes around to make space) -- maybe after the kids go to bed @ 7:30? But I'm already exhausted, not sure why.

Maybe getting sick again. Stupid preschool with its stupid germs. I have never had so many piddly little irritating illnesses in my life as I've had this year. I think this is supposed to be the worst year, and that once Kavi goes off to kindergarten, it should be better, although I don't know why. I could swear someone told me that, but it's probably just wishful thinking.

Can you picture me bench pressing free weights? As much as I admire Marilyn, I won't be doing it with make-up on. I did try the bench in the store, out of curiosity, and I can bench press the bar itself (no weights), which is 45 pounds. Which is kind of pathetic, I think, but better than nothing, right? Right?

2 thoughts on “Finished drafting an…”

  1. Right. Definitely.

    As for Marilyn… My gym had that picture at the entrance for some time, but they finally took it down. To be honest… I never find her that attractive. Cyd Charisse, on the other hand…

  2. Actually, I thought Marilyn was quite pretty in “The Misfits”. Maybe she wasn’t going for the sex-symbol thing.

    That being said…
    A chacun son gout!

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