Thanks to everyone who’s…

Thanks to everyone who's participating in the DesiLit poll -- REMINDER, it closes tomorrow, Friday, so please vote if you haven't already. One thing we're definitely doing, though, is starting up the Chicago reading series again.

The first event will be Wed May 9, 7 p.m. at the Book Cellar in Lincoln Square, and while I have a few readers scheduled, I'm still looking for more. If you're in town (or willing to come from out of town for free :-) and interested in reading, please let me know. Eventually, I'd like to raise funds so we can both pay readers and bring in out of town readers, but we're not there yet. But if you're interested in coming in from out of town, I can probably find you crash space, if that helps. :-)

We usually do this reading as a rapid-fire event, with each author reading for 3-5 min., but based on some feedback I got at AWP, I think I may change it up this year, adding in a featured performer (who will get 20 min. or so), and an open mic afterwards. It depends in part on who expresses interest in reading this time around. :-)

Oh, and as for who can read -- while our primary focus is supporting work by South Asian and diaspora authors, I also feel it's good for the field if we can support good literature about South Asia and the diaspora by anyone. So do keep that in mind.

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