Yesterday, Roshani came…

Yesterday, Roshani came over around 4-ish with her kids for a playdate; we hung out here and had banana bread (Kevin cleaned out our fridge/freezer and made a double batch because we had so many black bananas) and apples, then walked over several blocks to the playground where they ran around in a frenzy. Much fun all around. I should do that sort of thing more often -- it's good for me to walk more, and it makes them so happy. I just wish it weren't such a freakin' production to get them out the door -- especially once it gets cold, the whole coat, hat, shoes, stroller, restroom, etc. nonsense takes close to half an hour, and if I didn't have a friend to go with, I would give up before I got started. Which is what I mostly do. My poor kids.

Continuing with the surface clean -- it's nice, having Thanksgiving upcoming as a motivator. Finished living room, dining room, front parlor (aka playroom), hall, pantry, powder room (just the floor -- need to clean the rest later today). Also packed up half a box of stuffed animals to put in garage for spring garage sale, followed by donation of whatever's left. Feeling mighty and virtuous.

As a reward, taking a break and reading Samuel Pepys, "The Joys of Excess," (a series of food-related excerpts from his celebrated diary).

"Home to dinner; and there I took occasion, from the blackness of the meat as it came out of the pot, to fall out with my wife and the maids for their sluttery; and so left the table and went up to read in Mr. Selden till church time." (21)

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