Thanksgiving week! I…

Thanksgiving week! I think I forgot to mention that Jed's on vacation this week and is staying with us, yay!

Sadly, I woke up at 3 a.m. for no good reason, am exhausted now, and it's barely 8. Argh. Feeling the need for micro-managing to-do lists to get through the day and possibly the week:

  • call re: oven that's stopped lighting (ARGH) -- DONE (they're coming out Tues, whew!)
  • call re: window cleaning -- DONE (well, left message anyway)
  • drop off kids at school, remembering to also take in change of clothes and washed bedding -- DONE
  • pick up groceries: staples + some T-giving ingredients -- DONE
  • swing by fabric store and pick up foam / fabric for headboard -- DONE
  • add winter writing classes to website and publicize -- DONE (and someone's already signed up for both, nice!)
  • send me re: schedule for grant recipient orientation meeting -- DONE
  • write new translation of "Bring a Torch, Jeannette, Isabella" with Jed -- DONE (totally wasn't on the schedule, but was fun! :-)
  • drink tea. lots of tea. -- DONE (five cups and counting, lord.)
  • grade one set of quizzes -- DONE
  • this evening, go English country dancing with Jed, Roshani, and Tom at the 19th century club -- DONE (and insanely fun, worth the concomitant lack of sleep)


  • grade 18 papers -- DONE
  • teach classes -- DONE
  • clean, sweep and mop half of playroom -- DONE (yes, I know it's pathetic breaking it into half, but we take what victories we can)

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