Had a reading at the Oak…

Had a reading at the Oak Park library tonight, part of a joint event with other members of the Oak Park writers' group. Read the beach scene excerpt from Arbitrary Passions, which even I have to admit is a pretty damn fine piece of writing, and which made me want to go work on that book again. Got a lot of enthusiastic compliments on it, which is awfully nice. Also sold a copy of Bodies in Motion (my immigrant lit novel-in-stories) and two copies of A Taste of Serendib (my cookbook), which reminds me that it's a fine time to remind you that Mary Anne Mohanraj books make excellent holiday gifts. There's literary fiction, there's smut, there's SF/F, there's a picture book, there's a cookbook -- fun for the whole family. :-)

I think I may have also scooped up a talented new member for my regular writing group, so that's pleasing. And someone wants me to teach a local writing class, which reminds me that I've been meaning to do that again, and I need to talk to Kev about whether I can squeeze in a three hour class over the holidays (he'd be on deck for child-watching, hence the coordination). And the librarian asked me if I could do a local author book event in December (yes!). And, of course, I got to hear some other fine writing, some of which made me laugh out loud, and some of which was quite poignant. My favorite was probably a heart-wrenching piece by Victor Yipp (whose wife owns and runs our fabulous local kids' bookstore, Magic Tree Books), but I'm also totally hooked on the work of a local nun, Sister Marita, who is writing a memoir about her experiences working in a black community during Martin Luther King's time -- fascinating.

In other words, a very writerly evening. Sometimes I wish I could do this sort of thing all day every day, like a never-ending convention. And then I remember that if I made Kevin watch the kids by himself all the time, he might not survive it. Also, I would probably end up missing the little monkeys. And Kevin. Plus, y'know, sometimes I should lock myself in a room and do some actual writing. :-)

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