I’m working on stories…

I'm working on stories in the Demimonde book today -- I'm planning to launch the Kickstarter project Monday morning @ 7 CST (be there or be square), and I figure the more stories I have written in that universe before it starts, the better, since I've promised that if it gets funded, I'll be sending out a new story to the donors via e-mail every month.

This book is set in the "Jump Space" universe (not sure if I mentioned that before), so I know some of the background set-up already. But more will emerge as I write, and the more I know, the better the stories will be. I've drafted three stories so far (just finished a new one, "Crackles and Chokes." Just over a thousand words, just over an hour to draft. Why do I ever try to write longer???), and already it's clear that I'm going to want to go back and revise the first one, based on some stuff I figured out while writing numbers two and three. So the more I do in advance, the more leeway I have for early revision.

I'm going to have to reserve the right to edit for the final book, I think, even if I'm sending out stories earlier, just to ensure it has the maximum coherence. I may even write stories over the year that don't make it into the final book -- that happened with Bodies in Motion. I think people will be okay with that; I hope so, anyway.

I'm a little more worried that people will sign up for what they expect to be a light-hearted erotica book, and then be thrown by the darker parts. It's clear already, from these three stories, that there's some darkness here. Which, you know, one ought to perhaps expect, since I tell you up front that war has just broken out.

Well, consider yourselves explicitly warned, okay? There will be lots of sex in this book, but there will also be anger and sadness and rage and frustration and probably some planetary-scale plotting and scheming and war stuff. It won't all be grim, I promise -- I've written one pretty damn funny story already, if the reactions of my writing group are to be believed; they were cracking up over it. Joy and sorrow, in perhaps equal measure. It's going to be fun.

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  1. Wonderful! I am tempted to say I can’t wait. But, I have no choice, so I will just say I am awaiting this book eagerly.

  2. What an inspiring post! I don’t think you need to worry about the ‘darker parts’ as so many stories these days hold fascinating complexities. regards

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