My success at the to-do…

My success at the to-do list yesterday was decidedly not impressive. I'm not sure what happened -- I managed the Home Depot run, but then the rest of the day...dissolved into socializing, I guess. Which was also nice. Roshani met me at Home Depot, where we bought pots for our new duranta plants (tropicals are often 50% off now, at the end of the season, so if there's a jasmine or hibiscus you've been longing for, it'll do just fine in a sunny window over the winter, and in the spring, you can take it outside again, and by summer, it'll be blooming its head off).

Then chai and madeleines at Starbucks, a nice treat. Then home to straighten up and work on my syllabus a bit. Then Anne came over with her kids to play with mine, which made mine very happy, and my cousins Dharshini and Pradheep came for a visit -- they're in med school in Chicago, and it's lovely to see them. They even volunteered to come by next Wed, when the kids' school is on vacation, and help babysit, yay. I will feed them. Dharshini wants to learn how to cook Sri Lankan food; maybe it's time for me to do another Sri Lankan cooking class. I need a free Sunday sometime in the next month or two. Hmm.

And then it was dinner time and bed time, and the day was just gone. Which makes today's to-do list...longer. We'll see how it goes -- many of the items on here aren't optional, since my classes start tomorrow. One way or another, they have to get done.

  • find first-day clothes and shoes (may need to dig in basement) -- DONE
  • straighten second floor -- DONE
  • review budget with Kev -- DONE
  • post office: mail Karina's things; pick up package -- DONE
  • grocery store: get stuff for dinner -- DONE
  • revise 474 syllabus -- DONE
  • check over 358 syllabus, adjusting dates as needed -- DONE
  • finalize syllabi and first day materials -- DONE
  • make relevant photocopies for first day -- DONE
  • 5: dinner with Roshani and her kids here -- DONE


  • revise ASAM website final details
  • e-mail ASAM grad students re: brown bag lecture series
  • paint kids' medicine cabinet -- sanded and primed
  • write thank-you cards
  • 3: go to gym for mild swimming exercise
  • Pier 1: buy elephant curtains, 96"
  • frame shop 115 N. Marion: buy mat
  • return brackets to Lowes
  • return curtains to IKEA

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