Woke up at 3:30, for…

Woke up at 3:30, for some ungodly reason. Kind of groggy, but also thinking about various work things, so my brain wouldn't let me go back to sleep. Best just to get up and start churning through in that situation, I think. I suspect this is mostly start-of-school excitement; esp. for the fall semester, I tend to be a little bit buzzed for at least a few days before school starts. New beginnings! Cooler air! Wake, wake, sings the lark! Something like that, anyway. :-)


  • e-mail ASAM faculty for grad student list updates -- DONE
  • straighten pantry (again -- somehow, this space gets messy faster than anything else) -- DONE
  • read Elgin and decide if using for class -- DONE
  • 9 -- talk to Ziggy re: nonfunctioning AC (sigh) -- DONE
  • noon -- eyebrows and nails (prep for first day of school!) -- DONE
  • buy Tellicherry black pepper at Penzey's -- DONE
  • 2-4 -- writing time (draft story for new book) -- DONE


  • get TP holder and bathtub curtain rod at Home Depot -- DONE
  • put away laundry -- DONE

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