I’m trying to take it…

I'm trying to take it easy, really I am. But I do have some things to get done before school starts, and I don't want to forget anything, so, to-do list:


  • ask Kev to bring down ladder and rehang curtain -- DONE
  • finish reading Dawn -- DONE
  • stop at TJ's, get small cake to celebrate Jarmila's birthday -- DONE
  • swing by Borders, find birthday present for Jarmila, see if they have any furniture we want to buy (nope); see if they have Wild Seed (nope) -- DONE
  • buy two fans and two lights from Fillmore Electric -- DONE
  • stop by garden store (Luurs) with Roshani -- wander around in sunshine and look at pretty flowers, very healing :-) -- DONE
  • read Bloodchild and decide if using stories -- DONE
  • straighten first floor -- DONE
  • straighten master bedroom and bath -- DONE


  • call Village re: tree trimming -- DONE
  • call Dave re: eat-in sketches -- DONE (left message, anyway)
  • call Pam re: lots -- DONE
  • assemble kids' clothing rack -- DONE
  • clean airlock -- DONE
  • attach fridge kickplate -- DONE
  • check if outside plants need watering; water, if so -- DONE
  • fertilize roses; do last round of deadheading for season -- DONE
  • fix leaky hoses -- DONE (by neighbor Ron, with the judicious application of washers)
  • buy RH lights and two dining chairs -- DONE
  • hang library print & Kev's print -- DONE
  • cook dinner (for first time in ten days) -- DONE
  • mow grass -- DONE
  • water front yard -- DONE

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