Yesterday was crazy –…

Yesterday was crazy -- worked in the morning, taught class, went to Catherine's 3-yr-old birthday party, came up and played board games with Karina, Eric, Jennifer and Matt. (Pandemic & Once Upon a Time). Fun! But tiring. Slept in 'til 6:30 (late for me), and spent a relaxing morning hanging with the kids and chatting with Roshani. But now Kev is up, and there are things to do. Lots and lots of things. Kirsten gets in tonight, my sisters and Elaine and Carmela and Robin get in tomorrow, and much fun will be had all around. Along with much eating. :-)

To do:

  • hang curtain rod in my study
  • organize and clear eat-in area
  • organize and clear master bath
  • return brackets to Lowes; buy toilet paper holder for kids' bath, shower enclosure for clawfoot tub
  • Target: buy tall canisters for various beans & nuts, buy picture frames, plastic swimming pool, hose splitter; hose hanger
  • return curtains / brackets to IKEA; buy rug
  • Th eve: collect air mattress stuff from Simone
  • set up air mattress in study
40th party stuff:

  • figure out when everyone's arriving in town and how they're getting here
  • collect borrowed air mattresses / bedding from Simone and Rupa
  • Thurs: count people coming, buy groceries for Friday night dinner & Saturday brunch, toilet paper!
  • Fri: clear playroom and set up air mattresses for guests
  • Sat afternoon: buy groceries for Saturday night dinner, Sunday tea party
Realistically speaking, I doubt the following work stuff will get done this week.

Work stuff:

  • finalize ASAM brochure
  • make good progress on ASAM web page
  • e-mail DesiLit Chicago re: next year's schedule
  • e-mail Pomegranate crew re: reviving org.
  • e-mail Neil re: SLF reading series
  • revise "Princess in the Forest" for Vandana's anthology
  • finish draft of story started yesterday; erotic gay fairy tale for Cecilia's anthology

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