Had a marvelous time…

Had a marvelous time this weekend, with my sisters, relatives, and other good friends visiting to celebrate my 40th birthday (coming on the 26th). So much great conversation, fun board games, and, of course, the food. A terrific way to transition into the next decade; I feel very much surrounded by love tonight. Thanks so much for coming out, everyone -- it was truly splendid. And now I'm going to finish off the night with some leftover curry.

3 thoughts on “Had a marvelous time…”

  1. I just realized that in the time zone where you were born, it is already your birthday, and has been for quite a few hours. So:


  2. To Ms Forty and Frisky,
    A sincere wish that you flourish in the next decade and all your close family continue to support you in all your endeavors.

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