I’ve been trying to find…

I've been trying to find some fabric to make curtains for my study. These are going to be cafe curtains, there just to screen the ugly yellow brick building right across the way from view, so all I see from my study are leaves and sky.

I tried some simple white and off-white sheers today, and I don't like them there -- they're not opaque enough, for one thing -- I can still see the building through them. Plus, the walls are off-white, and the white / off-white curtains are just kind of blah there. I was hoping for an indigo block print, something Indian in feel, that would play nicely with the deep blue ceiling high above, and the red and blue IKEA rug below.

What I initially wanted were some John Robshaw curtains, but the price for fabric (like the Madura Lapis was prohibitive. But then I found some P. Kaufmann fabrics I like almost as well, and that I can even afford (only since I'm not buying very much fabric at all). I'm just having a hard time deciding on which. Thoughts?

Block Print Denim:

Tracery Denim:

Minaret Red:

The Tracery Denim has medieval overtones, which I like. But I also really like the hand-printed feel of the Block Print Denim; very old-school, in a good way. Plus, it has no orientation to the repeat (I think?), which I think may let me save some money on fabric, since I might not have to buy as much. The Minaret Red seems like the bold choice -- maybe too bold? It would definitely tie to the floor. But I want my study to be a serene space, conducive to writing quietly; I think the Minaret Red may be a bit too vibrant a choice.

This is the rug on the floor, IKEA's Valby Ruta -- it's predominately red, but has some blue details that help tie it in with the ceiling. I can't find a good photo of it online -- it's richer and brighter than pictured here.

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  1. My eye is automatically drawn to the tracery denim, probably because of the symmetry of the pattern, but when I think of the feel you are trying to bring to your home, I think the Minaret Red is the best choice. It has a rich quality to it, but still has the hand block print look to it. Plus I think it’s great that it ties in both the floor and ceiling. That’s just my two cents.

  2. I think all the prints are nice and would look well with the ceiling and walls, but none of them really play well with that rug.

  3. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Y’know, the rug may not be there forever; I think on thinking about it more, I may be moving it to another room soon anyway. So I think I should just go with the curtains I like best, and that work with the ceiling — which would be choice #1. Thanks for the input, everyone — it helps!

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