I woke up hours early…

I woke up hours early because I couldn't sleep; now I'm up hours late, ditto. Too much on my mind -- finishing the house sufficiently for move-in (we're expecting to have a total of one working sink when we move in, the little pedestal in the powder room), packing, a big work event coming up on Monday, the end of semester teaching and grading. I can't seem to wind down. Argh.

2 thoughts on “I woke up hours early…”

  1. Mary Anne, I’ve been a zombie all week, too, due to anxiety-related insomnia combined with the kid deciding 4am is a perfectly reasonable hour to wake up. I finally last night remembered and took some Ativan that the doc had prescribed a couple of years ago for the anxiety-related insomnia (I got it when I was laid off), and I feel so much better (it helps that Tim got up with River this morning). You might ask your doc about something like this to get you through stressful times.

  2. I actually have a general check-up scheduled for Monday; maybe I’ll ask about this. Although it doesn’t happen so often for me — maybe a double handful of nights in the last few years. Still, would be nice to have an option that would put me to sleep!

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