I am reluctantly…

I am reluctantly admitting that if we have a ceiling fan in the our tiny master bedroom, there is probably not room for a canopy bed. There might not have been room anyway, even without the ceiling fan, though I have resisted this truth for some time now. But I am determined to have a romantic bedroom. Not frilly or super-feminine (no ruffles! no floral chintz!), but cozy and inviting. I have discovered that with small children, you have to make a real effort to remember to be a grown-up couple. I think a nice bed might help with that.

I thought about wrought-iron beds, which is what we have now (our bed is moving into the guest bedroom) and which are a certain kind of romantic, but Kevin likes reading in bed, and wants an upholstered headboard he can easily lean against. He is tired of spokes pressing through the pillows. So what do you think of this style of bed, with the winged headboard and footboard? Does it make you want to curl up and stay there forever? (This is the Celina by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams -- I'm hunting for a less expensive version, and any suggestions would be appreciated. I do want the footboard part, because I think it really adds to the coziness.)

I'm pretty sure I could actually make this headboard / footboard, but I am not confident that it would look good. Especially the footboard, since I couldn't just hide my upholstery seams against a wall. :-) So if we did this kind of bed, we would have to actually buy it, I think.

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Yes. I’m hunting the internet for a cheaper version, but no luck so far. I’ve found upholstered wingback headboards for around $600, but not the headboard-footboard combo. Which surprises me — maybe not enough people want a footboard these days?

  2. I confess that I do not like this bed at all. I am not sure what adjectives to use to describe my impressions, but I will post more later if you care.

  3. That bed is gorgeous.

    I’m also very fond of sleigh beds. Mine is mahogany (veneer) and is a family heirloom (I’m the fourth generation of women to own it). I find that putting pillows against it’s wooden headboard is actually quite comfortable, and I like that if I do lean my head directly on the headboard the oil may actually be good for the wood rather than staining to upholstery.

    Mine looks something like this and I find t to be classic and inviting, especially with nice linens and pillows.


    They have other finishes and a few other styles (a day bed, beds with no footboard, etc).

  4. After a night’s sleep, the words that come to mind are “frumpy” and “institutional.” I can imagine it in an upscale boarding school, say. Maybe I would like it better in a different color; I am not sure.

    I also have a strong preference for headboards with built in reading lights.

    However, for context, I still have a grad-school type bed, namely a box spring on the floor with a mattress on top of it. An expensive, top of the line mattress and box spring, but no frame, headboard, etc.

  5. I like that upolstered headboard but for coziness I really like a bed I can put on risers so I have the feeling of climbing into bed. I love those old canopy beds where they had a little footstool to help you climb into bed!

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