Even if my body is…

Even if my body is falling apart (I slept very badly last night, which I think is the main culprit -- the cold I'd been recovering from came back in force this morning with a pounding headache), the work still has to get done. I can keep doing computer and phone stuff, at least.


  • check on Synthroid refill -- DONE
  • RSVP to Morgan's b-day party -- DONE
  • try to sort out WisCon travel plans with Jed, Ben, Alex -- DONE
  • write checks to Jed and FogCon -- DONE
  • decide what we're doing for perimeter countertops; place order -- DONE (soapstone)
  • count upper and lower cabinets, drawers, decide what type of hardware we want on each (knobs, pulls, bin pulls, etc.), buy (from Van Dyke's Restorers) -- DONE
  • Home Depot -- curtain rods (pewter for hall closet; aged brass for my study), basic ceiling mounts, ceiling fans; light bulbs (60 watt) -- DONE
  • publicize EXPO -- DONE
  • order EXPO equipment -- DONE


  • schedule breast reduction surgery -- in progress (waiting for their response)
  • check on how many registered for summer writing class; confirm registrations
  • draft course description for 474 class in fall and send to Jennifer
  • draft EXPO program/flyer
  • buy zip drive; e-mail students to send me files

  • Restoration Hardware -- house numbers -- in progress (measure to confirm size)
  • drop off reimbursement receipt at doctor's office
  • 10 - 12: department meeting
  • make various kid / dog doctor / dentist appointments (because life goes on despite moving)
  • schedule next Kriti meeting
  • 2: meet Dave @ American Granite to pick slab of soapstone
  • 4:30 - 6:30: someone has to be at house for replacement sink delivery window


  • plant a few more flowers at house
  • talk to neighbors on north; ask if they're okay with 7' fence (need signed letter), and also if landscapers can park there one day if necessary to dump soil

  • IKEA: try again to find stainless shelves (Marketplace); curtains for Kev's office, anywhere else we need them; laundry sink for basement and/or laundry (Numerar?); watering can

    Next week:

  • buy guest bedroom ceiling fan from Fillmore Electric
  • file travel reimbursement
  • finish remaining grading for 358
  • catch-up on remaining grading for 474
  • decide what yard work we can afford; place order
  • stop by Quiltology or The Needle Shop and look at fabrics for Kavi's curtains
  • try to make curtains for my office

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