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It turns out that FabricGuru is a popular site, so you have to jump on fabrics fast. The ones I wanted to use were gone by the time I went to buy them. But there are new ones all the time. So, I've moved on, and I think I might like these even better -- and I went ahead and bought them, so they're coming regardless of whether you guys like them or not :-).

For the curtain in the hall closet (this is the one guests pull aside to hang up their coats; also where the vacuum cleaner will live) -- we're using a curtain instead of a door because it's a narrow hall, and I think a curtain will be easier to maneuver with. We'll see. This is between the front foyer (in F&B Plummett, a medium-grey) and the little hallway (in F&B Downpipe, a dark-grey), Robert Allen Vintage Plumes Printed Cotton Linen Drapery Fabric in Jade:

Isn't that lovely? I think it's going to be a gorgeous ripple of color in the hall, and, y'know, peacocks! It's insanely expensive per yard, but I need so little of it to make a single curtain, it's manageable. I think I'm going to have the rod screwed into the trim, so it's really securely mounted, and then put the curtain on rings, so it pulls aside easily.

And for the kitchen eat-in area, a print that's a lovely mix of floral / medieval, with a bit of ethnic flavor. There were darker versions of this (Calder Suzani in Charcoal and Chocolate), which might have hidden spills better. But I want this area to be cheerful for the kids, sunny and warm. There's also two brighter versions (Cornwall Suzani in Garden and Cadium), which were tempting, but I wanted something a little more neutral in tone. I think this print should do that nicely. Richloom Calder Suzani Printed Heavy Cotton Drapery or Upholstery Fabric in Linen Spice:

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  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I’m not sure what you mean — but I’ve added links so you can click through and get more info on each.

  2. Prints are first woven with all one color of thread and the images are printed on the fabric. Woven in patterns are woven with different colored thread to begin with.

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