This is less an entry…

This is less an entry than a way of organizing my notes, sorry. Still thinking about ceiling fans. For the guest bedroom, which has the most Moroccan feel, maybe the Emerson Vienne? Nicely Moroccan or overly foofy in feel?

For the kids' rooms, I like the Period Fans Schoolhouse light a lot, but it's too expensive for us, around $400 / fan.

I'm wondering if I can attach an Emerson schoolhouse light to their basic builder fan, which would be much cheaper, around $130 / fan. I'm not sure if it's feasible, and if it is, would that still look good?

And I still like Hunter Limited Edition 1886 for our bedroom, where I don't think we need an overhead light. I also like the Woolen Mills Ostrich and Ibis; I sent them a note asking for pricing, though I suspect it will be well beyond our budget. Can't hurt to ask, though. Will call a local store on Monday, see how they can do on pricing on the Emerson and Hunter options.

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