Sigh. Not much progress…

Sigh. Not much progress since last week; my cold slowed me down. But taxes and grading papers got done at least, and I have a dozen boxes packed and ready to go over to the house. To-do continues:

  • research zinc planter boxes -- DONE
  • get Anand ready and to school -- DONE (Kavi refused to go, sigh)
  • return sink faucet, drop off guest bath plumbing -- DONE
  • 10:30 - meet with Tonya -- DONE
  • review student plans for ASAM Expo -- DONE
  • return chipped tile to Great Indoors -- sort of DONE; they took it, but no manager on duty to give credit. sigh.
  • take some boxes to house; talk to electrician (give plan); return keys -- DONE
  • buy paint to replacing sad Blackened in foyer -- DONE (F&B Plummett)
  • send checks for zinc and marble countertops -- DONE
  • request pricing on zinc/stainless planter -- DONE


  • order EXPO food -- DONE
  • review last hundred e-mails and respond to urgent ones / put in calendar -- DONE
  • find someone to refinish tubs -- Arlington Porcelain -- DONE
  • prep quiz for 358 -- DONE
  • call Great Indoors re: tile -- DONE (waiting for call-back)
  • get price on ceiling fans from Fillmore Electric -- DONE

  • check on how many registered for summer writing class; confirm registrations
  • draft course description for 474 class in fall and send to Jennifer

  • schedule next Kriti meeting
  • file travel reimbursement
  • catch-up on remaining grading for 474
  • go to house, look at tubs, decide if we're actually refinishing them ($700 for two)

  • pack from 3-6
  • review and post images for hall closet curtain
  • order fabric for hall closet curtain
  • order fabric for seat back)
  • count upper and lower cabinets, drawers, decide what type of hardware we want on each (knobs, pulls, bin pulls, etc.), buy (from great Indoors or restoration catalog
  • Home Depot -- curtain rods, basic ceiling mounts, ceiling fans
  • once we have wood quote, decide what we're doing for perimeter countertops; place order


  • get groceries for rest of week
  • talk to neighbors on north; ask if they're okay with 7' fence (need signed letter), and also if landscapers can park there one day if necessary to dump soil
  • Restoration Hardware or Architectural Society -- house numbers
  • @ noon, meet with student on campus
  • order EXPO equipment -- in progress
  • draft EXPO program -- in progress
  • draft EXPO flyer
  • catch-up on remaining grading for 358
  • 4 - dinner: host author Lac Su


  • stop by Quiltology or The Needle Shop and look at fabrics for Kavi's curtains


  • IKEA: try again to find stainless shelves (Marketplace); curtains for Kev's office, anywhere else we need them; laundry sink for basement and/or laundry (Numerar?)
  • go to Walgreens; get receipt for nebulizer for reimbursement

    Next week:

  • decide what yard work we can afford; place order

2 thoughts on “Sigh. Not much progress…”

  1. You can get receipts from Walgreens prescriptions online. Setup your account and everything should be waiting. You don’t need to go to the store.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    No, sadly I do. We have a receipt, but it doesn’t have all the info the insurance company is requiring to reimburse us. Sigh.

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