The last few years have…

The last few years have been so hectic, I've been terrible about editing the little videos of the kids. And we've even been worse about taking videos since Anand was born. Need to start getting better, as the relatives are getting impatient, so here, in one fell swoop, are all the little videos I have of them, just to clear the decks.

They're unedited, I'm afraid, so if you're not obsessed with my kids, you may just want to skip over this entry; frankly, several of them are quite dull. Also, some of them are sideways because I forgot to not turn the camera, and I don't know how to turn them right way up. Sorry!

Also, I should warn you that there's a fair bit of me singing in some of these videos. Sometimes it gets the kids to dance, which I find amusing. Sorry again!

In this next one, she's bored for a while, but around 1:20 or so, starts getting into the music.

(I think this was soon after we moved in here, when we hadn't quite figured out what random crap was in the cupboards. I should note that I did take the painted stick away from him at that point. We don't normally let the children chew on random possibly-lead-contaminated items.)

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