They’ve put the second…

They've put the second coat on Kavi's walls, which I actually think has helped to tone down the color just slightly. It's settled into a rich, dark pink. (BM Gypsy Pink) Now we're on to figuring out the curtains, and though in the end I decided to go with something in plain off-white for Anand's room (after all that discussion, sorry!), I really would love to give Kavi something patterned, colorful, and Indian in feel. She actually needs two different curtains -- one normal set, flanking the double window, and one single panel, to hang in her closet with its low doorway (we decided to skip an actual door there).

So here's the room:

This is her bed (photo from store, not our cushions):

Here is her actual bed, with an Indian wall hanging that will probably stay in the room; she loves it - the blue sheets are gone though; they're off-white now, which is better, and I'm going to 'lose' the broken paper lantern in the move; don't think she'll miss it:

And she has this IKEA HAMPEN rug:

I think I'd like to make her curtains out of this Amy Butler fabric:

Sari in Raspberry:

Too much pink? I think she'd love it -- Kavi loves things that are pink and/or super-colorful. You should see the outfits she's putting together for herself these days. Yes, curtains in this would be a bit of an assault on the senses, but it's her room, right? And I like that it's a sari-style print without being either actual sari fabric (a little glittery and adult for a kid's room) or faded Indian block print fabric (which I think would be too muted to work with her walls).

Alternatively, would any of these work?

Temple Doors:

Daisy Chain:

Pressed Flowers:

Whatever I settle on, I should ideally get a swatch and take it to her room, to make sure the colors don't clash. But no idea where I can get a sample of Amy Butler fabrics in Chicago. Don't even know which stores carry them...

Update: Looks like The Needle Shop and Quiltology carry them. Do you think they'd sell me a tiny sample piece?

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  1. I like Daisy Chain, to leaven the pink, but that’s just me.

    Any quilt shop should happily sell you a fat quarter or a quarter yard, that’s what they deal in.

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