Roshani’s in town for a…

Roshani's in town for a week, which is lovely -- she and Tom brought the kids over last night for dinner, and we ate lots of rice and curry and were highly amused by child antics. It was good.

Not much else to report on the home front -- just cleaning and starting to pack. I loaded up the car with some more stuff (toy boxes, my saris, home design books) and we'll take those over today. The plan is to take over as much as possible before the actual move date, so a) we can save money on movers, and b) I can pack in an organized fashion and know where everything is.

It does mean packing a little carefully, so I don't pack away something we actually need between now and move-in (a month from now). I don't have any formal events scheduled in April, for example, so I think it's safe to take my saris over. I was going to pack up the serving china next -- and then remembered that we're having a DesiLit potluck meeting here on Saturday, and I might need some of it. So maybe that should wait 'til next week.

I desperately want to pack up the heavy sweaters and winter coats, but it's Chicago and not yet May, so that would just be asking the gods to strike me down for my arrogance. They'd probably blight the budding trees into the bargain, and I can't have that on my conscience. And so on...

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