For our tiny guest bath,…

For our tiny guest bath, after much debate among friends, family, and contractor, a tiny chandelier, just 10" wide and 14" high. The walls in that bathroom are grey, the fixtures white, with the Deco Silk Blanco tile, and the shutter-style powder room vanity and coordinated medicine cabinet. The ceiling has a soffit running around it (to hide some necessary ducts), and I'm thinking of giving the inner rectangle of the ceiling a silver wash, so it'd have a little shimmer to it.

I'm a little worried that the shutter style furniture will seem over-rustic to combine with a crystal chandelier, but I think it will all work together in an eclectic sort of way, especially with a marble top to the vanity. Fingers crossed. We picked the (rather overpriced) shutter cabinetry because they offered the most storage we could find that would fit in that small space, while still being solid wood, and I do like it, in a sort of old colonial sort of way. But will it mix with the shiny? Most of our house is actually going to be fairly subdued in aesthetic (because Kevin is not nearly as much of a magpie as I am), but I did want just a little sparkle.

We also considered this ceiling mount, but realized that with the fan up there, a ceiling mount wouldn't fit -- we needed some kind of pendant. Hopefully this one will look nice -- we'll see when it arrives. It makes me nervous buying this sort of thing over the internet, without seeing it in person.

Still need towel bar, toilet paper holder, bathrobe hooks, and an accessibility grab bar in the shower -- but other than that, I think the guest bath might actually be done. Yay.

2 thoughts on “For our tiny guest bath,…”

  1. Based on your photos, I’d be tempted to paint the vanity and mirror off-white to match the tile with silver gilt paint accents. Or even to punch it up by painting it a “real” color (periwinkle comes to mind). I love how the tile and chandelier look together. And I love the wall tile.

  2. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    I have a bizarre prejudice against white paint. 🙂 I think we’ll try this and see how it is; I think against the grey walls, the furniture should be sufficiently dramatic.

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