Pancakes and curry for…

Pancakes and curry for breakfast
Pancakes and curry with tea
That's what makes me happy
Pancakes and curry and me!

Yes, waking up too early makes me a little giddy.

I ran a bunch of lighting over to the house yesterday, and also let my architect in -- because on the side, David Muriello plays in a rock band, and they wanted to do a photoshoot at the house. I guess rock bands like dust and debris? :-) Funny. While I was over there, I hunted the front yard for any sign of the bulbs that we planted last fall, but nothing. Very sad. But then, in the far corner of the back yard, there are many tiny green shoots! I am crossing all my fingers and toes that it is the return of the house's lovely scylla, battling its way through the construction devastation, and not the dreaded tree-of-heaven. We'll be keeping a close eye on those greenies, ready to tear out t-o-h shoots with wild abandon and fury.

Thanks for all the budgeting suggestions, folks -- I got some good advice on Facebook too, so I may try to consolidate it all into one post, just as a reminder. But for now, Anand has woken me up two hours early (and then went back to sleep), so I'm going to try to get some work done. Yes, it's the return of the to-do list. I know. You may not believe it, but it is actually getting shorter!

To do:

  • send students assignment for Tuesday -- DONE
  • send Kevin / Jed / Lori mystery story for advice -- DONE
  • load last of lighting into car -- DONE
  • get kids fed, dressed, to school -- DONE
  • take last of lighting to house -- DONE
  • send out reminder re: Tues eve. Kriti planning meeting -- DONE
  • talk to Cultural Center re: Kriti venue -- left message for Brian Keigher
  • paint sample boards in Rainforest Green / Downpour Blue -- DONE (and they look GREAT together -- the curse of the impossible green may finally be broken)
  • call re: replacement part for broken taillight
  • talk to Art Institute re: Kriti venue
  • 10ish -- take train downtown to meet Simone @ 11
  • 12:00 -- lunch meeting with Hemina
  • 2:00 meeting with Ramona and Anu
  • make appts. for Anand (immunizations / burn), Kavi (hearing), Ellie (immunizations / heartworm / check-up)
  • call doctor for Synthroid prescription refill
  • 4:00 -- pick up kids from school
  • pick up groceries
  • prep for Tues classes (grade quizzes)


  • meet Pam @ 8:30 at house to lay out lighting, figure out what goes where, what's missing
  • dig out sari and sandals from storage for Potlatch
  • go to Virginia Tile and select / order fireplace replacement tile
  • return shoes to Lands' End if it's not too late
  • keep working on website access -- in progress
  • set up grad student brown bag lunch series
  • revise Red Sari Project pages
  • edit video of Anand and upload (per Sharmi's request)

    After convention (next week):

  • go to IKEA with Kevin and check out closets and kitchen stainless shelving
  • go to stone warehouse with Kevin and check out soapstone (ditto?)

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  1. Aw c’mon Mary Anne, one cannot be a true rocker without portraying themselves in the realm of the nitty-gritty. Hopefully they didn’t trash the place for extra effect.

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