Back to trying out…

Back to trying out exterior paint colors on the Benjamin Moore sample house. We're fairly settled on the blue and purple, but are still picking accents. Grey (light, medium, dark)? Dark green? Dark red?

Is this too somber? Elegant? Pretty? Depressing? (The green on the door would actually be scattered throughout on small bits of trim, and would be a bit less bright than it's showing up on my screen.)

This is Downpour Blue, Rainforest Green, a grey I don't remember, and Blackberry Wine.

3 thoughts on “Back to trying out…”

  1. I love most of the blues and purples, think the very light blue behind the Xs is only so-so, don’t care so much for the green (though it might be better in smaller and dimmer doses), and have no opinion about any other colors here, if any (I’m only seeing a light gray or possibly off-white, not sure.) (Oh, and I guess the upstairs windows are some color, but I can’t quite tell what.)

    But you probably could’ve guessed I would say that; it’s not so much a reaction to how the colors would go together or look on a house, as to how much I like or don’t like those particular colors, so I don’t know that my opinion here ought to hold much weight.

  2. I don’t really like the grey either. I like some of your prior more exuberant combinations.

    I like the green, but it seems to bright to go with the current colors. Maybe toned down a little? I don’t think you can pick until you decide for sure on the part that is currently grey.

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