Didn’t make it all the…

Didn't make it all the way through the to-do list yesterday, but made some good progress.

  • straighten living room (again) -- DONE
  • post photos of house interior paint -- DONE
  • fix fallen clothes rack -- DONE
  • order groceries -- DONE
  • straighten bedroom -- DONE
  • pack box of shoes and bags -- DONE
  • read book due back soon (Doctorow's For the Win)
  • sketch design for turret trim


  • return library books; pick up books on hold
  • attend SAPAC meeting
  • return shoes to Lands' End if it's not too late
  • repair broken taillight
  • replace broken suitcases
  • start grading colonialism essays
  • put more lighting in car to take to house


  • unload lighting at house; check out tung oil on first floor
  • call and get quote for replacing front of fridge door
  • attend dance lecture
  • finish grading colonialism essays
  • set up grad student brown bag lunch series
  • figure out how to get website access for ASAM
  • revise mystery story and send out to Ellery Queen
  • revise Red Sari Project pages

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