Return of the to-do list…

Return of the to-do list -- somehow I'm feeling stressed enough today that I think I need to get my life back under control. Thus:

  • straighten, vacuum, sweep living room -- DONE
  • clean stovetop -- K DONE
  • clean microwave -- K DONE
  • take out recycling -- K DONE
  • stop by house with Kev and check new trim stain color -- DONE
  • straighten, vacuum, sweep dining room -- DONE
  • straighten, sweep kitchen; wipe down counters -- DONE
  • put together new Kriti planning list and send out notes re: next meeting -- DONE
  • publicize two upcoming ASAM events thoroughly -- DONE
  • attend 2 p.m. conference call -- DONE
  • call Kev @ 1 and review budget for new trim color; call Pam with decision -- DONE
  • do laundry -- DONE
  • sew button on Kavi's shirt -- DONE
  • order Anand's christening photos for parents -- DONE
  • take out trash -- DONE
  • wash dishes -- K DONE
  • stop by house and check out new deep blue paint color on ceiling of turret / Moroccan frieze for guest room (gild?) -- DONE
  • call about fridge door -- DONE

  • straighten bedroom, etc.
  • fix fallen clothes rack
  • return shoes to Lands' End if it's not too late
  • put more lighting in car to take to house
  • sketch design for turret trim

  • set up grad student brown bag lunch series
  • figure out how to get website access for ASAM
  • revise mystery story and send out to Ellery Queen
  • revise Red Sari Project pages


  • attend SAPAC meeting
  • repair broken taillight

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