If you had a day off…

If you had a day off this week: Thank a union
If your children go to school rather than to work: Thank a union
If your workplace is safe: Thank a union
If you can speak freely to your boss and colleagues without fear of losing your job
If you get paid holidays
If your working hours leave some time for living
If your wage enables you to feed and clothe your family
If you get paid whilst on sick leave
If you get health benefits
If you get unemployment benefits
If you will receive a pension in your old age.

Thank a union

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In following the recent Wisconsin news coverage (both tv and through the blogs and tweets of my friends actively involved in the struggle), I keep being reminded of Hobbes and his characterization of life as poor, nasty, brutish, and short. That's because, for most of the world, for most of human history, it was. And the fact that so many Americans now live at least a little better than that is due in no small part to the determination and hard work of the unions.

I wish we taught our kids this history in every school.

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