Dear Anand, Please do…

Dear Anand,

Please do not pull mugs of just-boiled tea off the kitchen table. It is not a good way to end a dinner party. First we needed to forcibly hold your hand under cold water while you howled bloody murder, and then, when we realized that the hot water had somehow run up your arm (under your shirt sleeve) and burned the arm, Amma took a late night trip to the emergency room (leaving Kevin with a freaked-out Kavya and leaving poor Samanthi to handle guest departure and clean-up) for burn cream on what turned out to be a second-degree burn. Calling Aunty Roshani in a panic for advice is very stressful. It makes Amma cry.

Admittedly, she was crying in part out of guilt for leaving the cup of hot tea where you could reach it, since she should have known better. But the problem is that every day it seems like you get a little taller and can reach a little farther and you are ridiculously fast and surprisingly strong. It is getting quite difficult for your poor parents to predict exactly how you will attempt to injure yourself next.

Really, we would just like you to survive until adulthood. Please.


p.s. Note to concerned-fans-of-Anand -- he seems fine today. A little snugglier than normal, but otherwise cheerful, happy, and trying to throw himself off things just like always. Sigh.

4 thoughts on “Dear Anand, Please do…”

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. Stuff happens. Especially to toddlers. 🙂 My son had a nasty second degree burn on his foot in 2009 that required multiple hospital visits. I figure I’m winning if he makes it to age 18 with all his limbs.

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