Letters to my Children


We celebrated Diwali for the first time today. It felt strange, to be honest. It’s originally a Hindu holiday, if I’m understanding right, celebrating Rama, Sita, and Lakshman returning from exile in the forest, the triumph of lightness over dark. My parents’ families converted to Catholicism many many generations back, due to Portuguese colonialism in […]

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Dear Anand

Dear Anand, I wrote this as a letter to you, and then ended up rewriting it to a different voice.  But it’s still basically a letter to you, to explain why we’re making the decisions we are, why we’re keeping you in the school that is doing much better than last spring, but is still

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What’s owed

Dear Anand,   Yesterday at camp, you got in trouble because you kept hitting your sister. Now, Kavya wasn’t particularly upset about the hits in particular; your hits are generally fairly light, born of frustration, and you’re smaller than she is by a fair bit. She was upset when you sprayed water in her face,

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Letters to Kavya

Dear Kavya,   This morning, I came up to get you for school, a little surprised you weren’t up already, since usually, you set your alarm forty-five minutes early, so you have plenty of time to get ready in a leisurely way. You like to plan things, and be able to take your own time

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