One of my tasks for…

One of my tasks for today is to get Kavi's local birthday party scheduled (harder than one would think). We're going to visit my parents not long after her birthday, and she'll have a party there too, and I have to admit, I kind of want two parties here, which would mean three parties total, which is a bit excessive, I know. But see, the local party, for her pre-school friends, will be at a kid-friendly sort of place (probably Wonderworks or Pump it Up!), but I also would like to celebrate her turning five with our friends at the house. Because yes, it's her birthday, but it's also a milestone for us. We raised a child all the way to five (!) years of age with no serious mishaps. Woohoo!

I have been Pinning crown party stuff, and it would be fun to put one of those together, I think. Maybe I can do a crown theme at my parents' party, but it looks like that might be at a Chuck E. Cheese (since my parents are planning to remodel their kitchen around that same time), which is not as conducive to themed decorations, etc., and more about the crazed running around and shrieking. We'll see.

I admit, although I also love crowns, I will also be happy when (if) we can move on from princess-y things. I was sending my relatives a list of what Kavi is currently into. But I almost feel like I shouldn't have bothered, because right now, she is so much a classic culturally-determined little girl. Kavi likes:

  • pink, red, purple, but especially sparkly gold
  • skirts and dresses (do not even bother with pants or shorts, as she pretty much refuses to wear them)
  • princesses
  • long hair, which she does not currently have, but it is growing
  • fancy princess hair, i.e., braided, etc. -- I gave her two little braids in front a week ago, and she says she wants to wear them forever
  • art supplies -- she still really loves making art, and goes through supplies at a furious rate. Coloring in her little princess pages will keep her occupied for hours.

Personally, I'm hoping this princess phase ends soon and we can move on to superheroes, or rocket ships, or something just a TINY BIT MORE INTERESTING.

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