I’m trying to figure out…

I'm trying to figure out which S. Asian writers will be at AWP. This is what I have so far -- if you know of any others, or have e-mail contact info for the *starred writers, let me know? Thanks.

  • Sharbari Ahmed -- Bangladeshi playwright (Raisins Not Virgins) and fiction writer
  • Jalal Alamgir -- poli sci professor? This is confusing
  • Swati Avasthi -- Indian author of Split (award-winning YA novel)
  • Ramola D -- author of Temporary Lives (fiction), Invisible Season (poems)
  • Ram Devineni -- editor at Rattapallax
  • Ru Freeman -- Sri Lankan author of A Disobedient Girl
  • V.V. Ganeshananthan -- Sri Lankan author of Love Marriage, teaches at University of Michigan
  • Anjali Goyal -- Programs Coordinator Asian American Writers' Workshop, involved with SAWCC
  • Javed Jahangir (*) -- writes at Beyond the Margins
  • Bhanu Kapil (*) -- author of four full-length cross-genre works, teaches at Naropa University
  • Geeta Kothari -- fiction editor of Kenyon Review and of anthology Did My Mama Like to Dance?, teaches at University of Pittsburgh
  • Amitava Kumar -- author of several books, mostly fiction, professor at Vassar
  • Ameena Meer (*) -- author of Bombay Talkie
  • Rahul Mehta -- author of Quarantine (collection of short fiction), teaches at Alfred University
  • Monica Mody -- award-winning poet, author of Travel & Risk, currently at Notre Dame, I think
  • Mary Anne Mohanraj -- see http://www.mamohanraj.com :-)
  • Vijay Seshadri (*) -- poet, essayist and critic, many titles, teaches at Sarah Lawrence and directs their graduate nonfiction program
  • Sonya Shah (*) -- not sure; too hard to figure out with that name, I'm afraid
  • Ravi Shankar -- poet with multiple titles, editor of Drunken Boat, teaches at Central Connecticut State University
  • Prageeta Sharma -- poet with multiple titles, teaches at University of Montana
  • Mukta Singh-Zocchi -- fiction writer from L.A.
  • Hasanthika Sirisena (*) -- Sri Lankan fiction writer, teaches at Gotham Writers' Workshop
  • Pireeni Sundaralingam -- Sri Lankan poet, editor of Indivisible
  • Gemini Wahhaj -- Bangladeshi-Iranian fiction writer, last I heard doing an MFA at Houston

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