My fine china budget…

My fine china budget (such as it is) is entirely committed to Iittala's Taika for the forseeable future. Otherwise I would be ALL OVER Tord Boontje's Table Stories line. Especially the blue. I've liked his lights, especially Garland, for a long time, but somehow didn't realize that he'd also done dinnerware.

Sadly (although probably luckily for my budget), it looks like it's been discontinued, because I'm having a hard time finding much of it for sale. Tragic.

Also in red or grey.

And glasses.

That prancing unicorn glass? Makes me feel like I'm ten years old again. In a good way. :-)

1 thought on “My fine china budget…”

  1. Definitely the blue design… It would hold it’s own against the Delft blue china. i think the grey is a little too subtle. red.. no.

    Can’t say it’s Victorian but it would look attractive in a glass door cabinet besides on the table.

    Too bad you couldn’t register somewhere and have these as gifts for the great house warming party. :^)

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