Kavi slept thirteen…

Kavi slept thirteen hours yesterday and is still tired; she has a tiny (one degree) fever, so I'm letting her stay home today. This semester, Kev and I are teaching on alternate days, so in theory, we could dispense with childcare entirely and just watch our children ourselves. But of course, we have a ton of work to get done on the days we're not teaching, some of it out of the house, so that's not at all a workable plan, even if we wanted to spend that much time with our children. Which, frankly, we don't. And thankfully, the kids seem to actually enjoy school, though perhaps not so much of it as they got last semester. (8-4, M-F)

I think this semester, we'll be a lot more lax with Kavi; if she wants to stay home and rest on the couch and watch tv, or color quietly, or play pretend with her stuffed animals, we can still get quite a bit of work done, if not a full eight-hour-day's worth. (Because, of course, the quiet, it doesn't last.) We can maybe even work in some fun lunchtime outings, like trips to the library or a cafe. Anand, on the other hand, is pretty much impossible to work around, wanting constant attention and engagement and up! And he naps less than she does, despite being two years younger. So off to school he goes, unless actually ill.

The to-do list returns below, but please do take a moment to read the big blog entry below this one, if you can. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated!

To Do:

  • breakfast and tea - x
  • get Anand ready and dropped off - x
  • sweep kitchen, baths, and Anand's rooms - x
  • water plants - x
  • collate RSVPs for ASAM mixer - x
  • do dishes -- x
  • scrub teakettle - x
  • clean stovetop and toaster oven - x
  • do research on mops; buy Eureka Envirosteamer to arrive Wed - x
  • convert and transfer remaining lullabies for Kavi - x
  • take out recycling - x
  • pay bills - x
  • lay out clothes for first day of school (grey slacks, off-white tank, dark red cardigan) - x
  • sort jewellery chaos (look for circle pendant to wear tomorrow) - x
  • color hair - x

    (2:00 p.m.)

  • ask Kev to put away dishes and wash laundry - x
  • pick up tile for kids' bath and drop off at house - x
  • pick up Anand from school - x (4:30 p.m.)
  • cook dinner (penne pasta alfredo with meatballs and peas), feed family - x
  • wash dishes, clear kitchen - x
  • wax eyebrows, polish nails - x
  • get kids to bed - x
  • straighten house - x

    (9:00 p.m.)

  • finalize and print 358 syllabus - x
  • print handouts for 358 - x


  • photocopy 358 syllabus
  • photocopy 358 handouts
  • finalize and photocopy 474 syllabus (URGENT)
  • print and photocopy handouts for 474 (URGENT)
  • schedule grant recipient meeting -- waiting on response
  • notify remaining grant applicant -- waiting on response


  • figure out web page access for ASAM
  • post garden path blog entry
  • get e-mail to 175 (from 210)

  • take recycling / house stuff out of Kavi's room
  • straighten and sweep Kavi's room
  • pack up baby stuff to donate

  • send out reminders for ASAM mixer & order food

  • steam-clean kitchen and bath floors
  • return Kevin's present that doesn't fit (shoes from Lands' End)
  • return Kevin's present that was shipped in a ladies' size instead of men (texting gloves)
  • wrap and drop off Samanthi's present if she's available
House To-Do for This Week

  • pick up tile for guest bath
  • look at tile options for entry airlock at GI
  • order microwave (talk to Deb)
  • order wallpaper for powder room, if budget allows (3 rolls)
  • order anaglypta for kitchen (and decide how high to run it)
  • call fridge people about replacing door
  • review vent hood plan with Pam -- get pricing and into her schedule
  • decide on fireplaces?
  • measure for storage piece in master bath; order?

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