I have the kind of…

I have the kind of hacking cough that wakes you up. I've had it since before Christmas, and it seems to be getting worse, not better. Sometimes I think I will have this cough forever. Last night, it woke me at 2 a.m., and then Anand started crying, possibly because he also has this cough. And after I got up to soothe him, I was too awake to go back to sleep. So I lay on the couch and watched the news and dozed until Kavi woke up at 6. My throat feels stabby, when I cough my whole body convulses, and that is particularly hard on my stomach because yesterday I went to that first gym class and after all those crunches my stomach is a fiery band of pain.

I took some ibuprofen just now. And am drinking tea. It'll all be okay. But I am so grateful that school doesn't start 'til next week. This morning I have to get the kids up and dressed and fed and off to school. And I do have things to do today (all the things I failed to do in my overly-ambitious plan yesterday). But I can also nap for three hours if I need to.

I'm sorry, I know the to-do list is interesting to no one but me, but I really do find it very helpful. I've felt behind for most of the last year, and I'd really like to start the semester next week actually caught up. It should be possible, if I stay on track this week. And somehow posting list online is more motivating than keeping it offline. I feel more accountable, even if none of you actually read the list. :-)

Return of the To-Do List:

  • get kids dressed, fed, to school - x
  • eat breakfast - x
  • wash breakfast dishes - x


  • watch Castle - x
  • put slipcover back on couch - x
  • vacuum / sweep living room - x
  • rest - one episode of Kitchen Impossible - x


  • send invites for ASAM mixer - x
  • vacuum / sweep dining room - x
  • rest - chat with Roshani 1/2 hr - x
  • paint five more samples - x
  • eat lunch - x


  • send advisor notes for ASAM grant - x
  • run bikes to house garage (get out of living room!) - x
  • take paint samples over to house - x
  • remind Kevin to take out recycling tonight - x

  • schedule grant recipient meeting
  • figure out web page access for ASAM

  • post blog entry about renovation -- insulation
  • revise book two proposal and send to Bob
  • start draft of book three proposal

  • record more lullabies (with me singing) for Kavi's SweetPea MP3 player
  • put away laundry
  • wash laundry curtains
  • ask Kev to clean microwave and toaster oven

  • rest
  • read

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  1. I actually like your todo lists. I find them oddly motivating. Although the do make me feel slightly inadequate. Your like that old Marine Corp ad. You get more things done before breakfast than I do all day!

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