I was making myself…

I was making myself crazy this morning because I couldn't find any twine or raffia, and was thinking that I'd need to run out to the store just for that, but of course, one can just as easily use yarn to tie up gifts and tie on gift tags. Silly me. All the wrapping stuff (mistletoe paper, gift tags, mistletoe stamp, stamp ink), courtesy PaperSource, of course. If nothing else kills my budget, it will be living three blocks from PaperSource. Very dangerous. But aren't the results pretty? I love mistletoe.

These are the contractors neckwarmers, ready to go out. I actually forgot to take photos of most of them, despite reminding myself a few days ago, but oh well. They're not so exciting -- just simple crocheted thingies. Temo's is mustard yellow, because he likes yellow (he wears it all the time). Dobek's is taupe, because he seems like he's the classy, elegant sort. Piotr's is sort of a white / black mix, because he mostly wears black on the job, and also, he's very big. I'm not sure what that has to do with the colors, but somehow, big = lots of black in my head, I think. Although I learned after I made his that he really likes rich, dark colors (he highly approved of our room paint choices), though I suppose that doesn't mean he'd be willing to wear those colors, even if he liked them. Men can be weird that way. (And yes, I know, that's a big generalization, women are weird too, etc. and so on, but the truth of the matter is, it's a lot harder to convince most men to wear most colors. Blame the culture.)

I did take a photo of Pam's, which I knit in purple and teal. She loves those colors -- she wears them, her 'job coat' is purple, she decorated her living room with peacock stained glass lamps and throws, and even better, we're actually going to paint our exterior in blue and purple, so hopefully every time she wears this, it'll remind her of this job. :-)

The pattern is an opposites stripe -- six rows of one color, one of the other, five rows of the first color, two of the other, etc. and so on. Except that partway through, I made a mistake, so my pattern is actually 6, 5, 4, 2, 3, 1. And reversed the same. You'd think that would drive me crazy, and I did think of going back when I noticed the mistake -- but I kind of like the effect. It lends a delightful wonkiness to what is otherwise a fairly staid pattern.

Onward! I'm meeting the contractors and Pam at the house @ 10 -- I have cash to take out, a check to write (the next massive payment to Pam), and coffee and sweet pastries to pick up at Red Hen.

Question -- should I get little gifts for the teachers at the pre-school / daycare? I didn't think of it until now, but maybe it's appropriate. What sorts of things? I think there's a head teacher for each room, plus one or two assistants. Should I just do a fruit basket or something like that? Teacher mugs? Nice lotion? (They're washing their hands all the time, of course.) We'd be dropping it off at pick-up @ 4 today, if so.

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