Horrible travel day…

Horrible travel day Monday -- was already supposed to arrive in CA around midnight Chicago time (4 hours past my normal bedtime these days), and delayed 4 hours in airport and on plane. Kavi mostly didn't sleep on plane either, so of course neither did I. Miserable miserable miserable. HATE flying with small children. Once we go home from this trip, we may never leave again.

Yesterday was mostly a haze of exhaustion and crying (mostly them). We managed to get to Kev's parents' for dinner, and survived it with only a few tears, which I count a major victory. The new baby (my niece!) is very cute and sleeps a lot, it seems. I don't want one.

Today is a little better -- I woke up at 3 a.m. (normal Chicago wake-up time is 5, so), but managed to keep myself in bed and dozing until 5. Got up then and had a little quiet time to read before the kids woke up. Then kids, then tiredness, now they're napping again, and I can finally get online. (No password yesterday.) And now I'm going back to reading.

If you're looking for a smart cozy mystery (for you or a gift), I recommend Louise Penny's Still Life. I tore through it yesterday, and then went to the bookstore and bought sequels. They didn't have book 2, but I bought 3 & 4 anyway, and am reading them, since they seem to be mostly stand-alone, although I do feel like I've clearly missed some of the backstory ongoing mystery with the main detective. Ah well.

3 thoughts on “Horrible travel day…”

  1. AHHHHHH you b!tch! Stop reading ahead of me!!! I have number two but haven’t had time to start.

    Truly, I’m gnashing my teeth over here. (Bring 3 and 4 back to Chicago with you.)

  2. I *almost* did this, but I held out to get #2 (had to buy, since the Chicago library is being slow).

    I imagine once I start #2 I won’t want to do anything else, which is why I’ve held off.

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