Rough morning — Anand…

Rough morning -- Anand woke me up at 2:30, and I couldn't get him down again 'til 3:30. I was awake by then (thankfully, had gone to bed at 8, so I did get more than six hours of sleep), so just stayed up, which was just as well, because Kavi had an accident in her bed, and consequent meltdown. I got her cleaned up and back down by 4. Was tempted to try to go back to sleep then, but felt too awake, so finished knitting my sister's Christmas present instead.

Wove in the ends and set it blocking -- very exciting. I'm a little worried about whether it'll be too itchy for her -- she doesn't like wool. But I don't find baby alpaca itchy at all; we'll see what she thinks. It actually came out GORGEOUS, so if she doesn't like it, I'll be happy wearing it, and I can get her a gift card to Gap instead. :-)

Next knitting is Gian's present, I think -- hope to finish it this weekend, along with the contractor neckwarmers, since it needs to go out in the mail before we leave. We fly out to California Monday evening, so I see much knitting / crocheting in my future. And Sharmi and Ryan's present is going to have to come to California with me and be mailed from there -- unless a miracle happens, I don't see myself finishing it in time.

There are knitting miracles, right?

Now some more tea, along with the last of the Crosse & Blackwell's plum pudding (it's not quite as delicious as rich cake, but a decent substitute, and just the thing to buck you up on a wintry morning), and then back to revisions. I have some delusion that I will actually finish rewriting my novel today. This morning, in fact, before I have to head in for a meeting on campus at 1. Wish me luck!

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