I am feeling very bloggy…

I am feeling very bloggy today (see previous), and I have at least one more long blog post coming. Which I suspect is unwise, because then things get pushed down, especially on a Sunday, and come Monday morning, a bunch of people will get to work and check my blog and only see the latest thing which will probably be something about dropping the kids off and why won't they stop crying and that poor reader won't even realize that there are several long and meaty blog posts from the weekend further down. Tactical error on my part, I know.

But oh well, and in any case, I interrupt the long blog posts no one will read for a brief Happy Anniversary to my Jedediah. I am bad with dates, but I think we started dating winter after Clarion West, so 1997? Which would make this anniversary number thirteen. I think he deserves some extra special poly kudos for hanging in there through four years of pregnancy and childbirth and raising the little monkeys. Not to mention helping us with one-two-three household moves in the past year! This is, I think, not what folks imagine when they sign up for poly fun-and-games with a hot bi babe. :-) We're all glad he decided to stick around.

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