Last night I had a curry…

Last night I had a curry emergency -- it had just been TOO LONG since I'd last had rice and curry and I basically demanded that Kevin scuttle his plans for our dinner (to be fair, the chicken hadn't managed to thaw yet when it was cooking time), and let me make myself mackerel curry instead. Which he graciously did; he ended up eating rice with soy sauce for dinner (he doesn't like fish), and claimed that was just fine. Hmm. Okay for him, but I was much happier, I'm pretty sure, with my nummy nummy mackerel and egg curry.

I did try the children on plain mackerel, because they usually like fish, but the mackerel didn't go over well. A bit strong-flavored for them, I guess. Sadly, the fabulous fatty omega-3 oils made no impression on them. Back to tilapia for the munchkins.

The evenings are really sort of a blur of childcare; mostly nice, but also tiring, and impossible to get much done other than some housework. Ditto weekends. Which leaves the weekdays for classes, renovation meetings / research, writing. It's almost enough time, but not quite -- I'm falling even further behind in e-mail. I'd have more time for e-mail if I stopped reading or doing stained glass or knitting -- but then I'd be a big cranky monster and no one would be able to live with me. It's a dilemma.

Recently I've been on a YA fantasy kick; wanted to check out the competition, I guess. Enjoyed Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan -- reminded me a bit of the Naomi Novik books in world-flavor. Will read the sequel. Am on Maggie Stiefvater's Shiver now, which I have to say, killer graphic design on the cover. Also, I love her name. Liking the book too, although it's maybe a little over-the-top teen angst/love for me. But still good.

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