Just took a few minutes…

Just took a few minutes to read Ben Rosenbaum's story, "The Guy Who Worked for Money." Interesting thought experiment; I enjoyed it.

I wonder how much of my reaction to the story is colored by my sense that I would probably do reasonably well in the reputation economy. Which of course then leads me to wonder why I think I'd do well, whether I actually would, and if I would, what aspects of my personality / character translate well into social reputation. Whether any of them are of my own choosing (or at least choosing to develop), or whether it's all innate. If the latter, that seems deeply unfair.

For example, I am extroverted, sociable, sometimes generous (sometimes not), a decent listener, and someone who periodically engages in attempts at positive social change. I can occasionally be funny, and have been known to entertain a room moderately well (when I'm having a good day), either at a party or in the classroom. For the most part, I think those character aspects tend to do well in a reputation economy. But Kevin is, I think, at least as good a person as I am, on a more absolute scale -- and while the few people who get to know him well tend to think very highly of him, by far, most people either don't get to know him, or perhaps even think of him as a little aloof, stand-offish. If he ends up lacking social capital as a result, that seems unfair.

Not that the reputation economy ever claimed to be fair, I suppose.

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