I’m feeling overwhelmed….

I'm feeling overwhelmed. Yesterday was mostly lost to illness -- Kavya took a lot of care (as did her laundry), and I did manage to cook dinner (yellow chicken curry and rice) and Anand freaked out in the evening, necessitating a long walk to calm him down, and anyway, the day was just exhausting and I crashed at something like 8 p.m. I have a vague sense the Kev and Jed managed to get the children to sleep somehow, and from something Kev said as he stumbled into bed, Kavi seemed to have stopped vomiting, although she also hadn't had anything but Pedialyte in quite a while, so it's unclear what will happen when she tries solids again. And she's in bed now, but coughing, poor baby girl. I keep wanting to go in to her, but then I think that maybe she's managing to sleep in between the coughing, and if so, I should let her sleep and not disturb her. But I don't know. It's a lot of coughing.

In any case, I woke up early, still tired, because Kevin had snagged the covers in his sleep and I was cold. Sigh. Too awake by the time I realized this to go back to sleep.

And now I have a massive amount of grading to do for my class, grading that was supposed to be done yesterday, and four hours is plenty of time to do it, if the children actually allow. My fear is that Anand will be sick and so they'll both be home today -- I decided last night that Kavi should stay home today regardless, even if she seems fine, so I can make sure she eats well and recuperates. I can grade while a sick little girl lies on the couch and watches tv, but not so much if her brother is tearing around wreaking havoc, the way he did yesterday.

Regardless, we need someone to watch Kavi while she's home today. Maybe Jarmila can come. Or Kev can cancel his classes, but that's not ideal. Easiest would be if Jed could watch her, since he's here and that's mostly her nap time anytime (11:30 - 2:30 is when Kev needs to be on campus), but I'm not sure she'll be okay with that -- normally, she likes Jed, but yesterday, she said she wanted him to go away. Poor sickling.

Family logistics. It's all manageable, I think; just feeling overwhelmed. Better go grade now, while the children are sleeping. I'd hoped to write this morning (in the pre-sickness plan), but that's probably a lost dream now. Just crossing my fingers that no one else gets sick, please.

Hey -- she seems to have stopped coughing for now. Good.

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