Welcome to the…

Welcome to the vomitorium.

That's what Roshani called it; I was on the phone with her for much of the morning, in between cleaning up copious amounts of vomit. Kavya is sick. I have done four loads of laundry so far, and I think we are not done yet. I'm guessing we'll all get the illness before we're through -- Kevin is already feeling somewhat queasy, although he admits that it may be just sympathetic nausea. I'm hoping Jed can stay healthy, at least.

I thought about just telling him to stay at the hotel today, but it seems a shame, since this is one of the few days of his trip when I'm basically free. I'm not going to try to go to stained glass class, so I'm very free, really. If you don't count mopping up sick children.

And honestly, it's so helpful having another adult around. Kevin's been sent to the store for Pedialyte and popsicles; I've been tending Kavi; Anand is still sleeping but will be up soon, and Jed is taking poor Ellie for a walk right now -- she's been shamefully neglected all morning, when it was just me. (I tried to let Kev sleep for as long as I could, but eventually just had to wake him, after he'd only slept 5 hours. Poor munchkin.)

I am reminded, once again, of the advantages of poly parenting. Just think, if Jed were here all the time! I could get so much accomplished! I bet my house would actually be clean. And there'd always be someone available to actually play with the children, rather than trying to mind them while doing ten other things...

Ah well. Jed's not leaving California, sun-child that he is, and Karina was really our only serious hope for poly parenting, so we'll mostly have to just muddle on with the two of us and hope we don't get sick at the same time as our kids. Sigh.

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