Got a ton done…

Got a ton done yesterday, and was feeling hopeful about catching up on my life -- then at the end of the day, got word of a staffing change that's going to require me to spend an extra 13 hours a week helping to staff the office for a month or two. Oof.

It's totally part of my job, so I can't actually complain, and I might be able to at least do some grading / prep while I'm there. And I should get to know my colleagues better, and the students minoring in our program, and the workings of the office -- normally, this would actually be a good thing. But this past year-and-a-half has just been one thing after another sucking up time and sending me behind again. Like the unexpected selling of our rental and the move that followed. Every time I think I'm about to catch up and get back to my normal life, something else happens.


It'll be okay. It might even be good. I just need a little time to adapt to it.

(Oh, and Jed, we need to talk about your coming out to visit. From 9/24 on to mid-November or so, I'll be on campus close to 40 hours / week, regular office hours. So factor that into any trip planning.)

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