This morning, Kavi was…

This morning, Kavi was resisting getting ready for school -- we had shirt on and hairband done, plus even undies, but I was chasing her around the living room trying to get on her skirt and shoes. I finally resorted to something I've never used before -- "Do you want me to tell Miss Ann how naughty you were this morning?"

And it worked. She settled down and let me finish getting her dressed; apparently the teacher's good opinion was not something to be lightly tossed aside.

When we got to school, we were there a little early, so we were wandering around her classroom waiting for the teacher to show up and Kavi was telling me about her friends. I asked her which one she liked best, and she said "Gigi -- but sometimes she's a little naughty."

And I said, "Are you a little naughty?"

And Kavi said, in a very self-righteous tone, "No. I am a good girl." And she paused a moment, and then added -- "Right now."

I think I'm in trouble.

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