I had this whole plan…

I had this whole plan today -- drop off kids, revise chapter 4 at cafe, come home and watch garden show while knitting a few rows on my arm warmers, grade quizzes, prep for classes, walk dog, shower and dress for teaching, head in by noon. And mostly it's fine, but I left the quizzes on campus it looks like, argh, which is just really throwing me off for no good reason.

[deep breath]

Okay, going to go on with sequence, starting with prep for classes, and just plan to go in to campus earlier. Although I feel bad about that because Kevin and I drive in together this semester, and he was up late with Anand. (Well, we both were, but he was up later than me.) He'd undoubtedly like to sleep as long as possible, but I'm going to have to steal half an hour of that. Pfui.

On the plus side, revisions are going well. I started Tuesday with the goal of a chapter a day, which would get me done by the end of the month, and so far, so good. It's helped that mostly it's been clean-up, but I did add 1.5 new scenes to chapter 3 yesterday.

I still have occasional twinges that my prose is mostly workman-like, that it's not Nabokov or Rushdie or whatever. But the truth is, I'm never going to write like them, and I should just get used to it. My prose is fine. It's clean and smooth and has occasional lovely moments and most of the time, I want the reader to be carried along by story and caught up in character -- and not distracted or slowed down by finely-crafted sentences. It's good. I just get a little wistful sometimes.

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