Me: Why won’t they…

Me: Why won't they let us sleep? If I could just get a few nights in a row of eight hours sleep, I would be so much nicer to live with. Do you remember when I used to make you wonderful dinners, and bring you treats?

Kev: You used to bring me beautiful Australian girls.

Well, technically, I only did that one once. But she was a doozy, and I don't blame him for being sad those days are gone.

I did get eight hours of sleep last night, so this morning I only feel mildly exhausted, instead of about-to-fall-over-exhausted. Perhaps the days of beautiful Australian girls will return...

3 thoughts on “Me: Why won’t they…”

  1. Mary Anne Mohanraj

    Karina, because I planned things badly. 🙁 By the time I realized Kevin’s birthday party and WorldCon were the same weekend, other people had already bought plane tickets to come see us. Pfui.

    And Dennis, yes. 🙂 Not for about ten years, I admit, but once upon a time, Kevin was a lucky man.

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