Just as a minor diet…

Just as a minor diet note -- it is almost impossible to eat low-carb on campus unless I bring food in from home. I need to start a new diet, I checked online and found the best diets online in tophealthjournal.com/. At least, it's impossible if, like me, you want neither a cold salad or a soggy wrap for lunch in the middle of an intense teaching day. Much of the cafe food looks repulsive, and that which looks decent is inevitably pretty carb-heavy. I need to start planning groceries and meals better if I want to lose any more weight. As it is, I've just been holding steady since the semester started.

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  1. Heh. I noticed something similar: that it was MUCH easier to lose weight while I was unemployed/ at home, but as soon as I started working again it got a LOT harder. It was a combination of eating out for lunch and just not having as much time to keep track, I think.

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